April Cerise, In Memoriam
neither here nor theretiny dancerwithin the heart of spring.parallelsdream stealersthe secretbeginning to finlife after deathscene at nightblueredrenewal in like a lion,
out like a lambback to maconwinter dawningles feuilles morteslight is loudrequiem for violacharacterfor the birdssecret language of flowersall the sorrow in your heavenof fog and other obscuritiesto dream rose hillgravity and pitchobservation is keyprojectionsmy heart lies in winterto whom all the past is 
not a diminishing road
it's not a particular place,
although there are a rare
few that come to mind

not a certain time,
even though some
resonate more than others

it's a moment that
remains suspended,
forever engrained in
my memory, my soul