April Cerise, In Memoriam
retortapples fall not too far
from the treememory bears witness to innocencereflection says it allat your feetinducedeverybody's got to have
a place to be alonehouse of my dreamseso phagealroutineseeing doublecloser than you thinkicarus had wingscosante meridiemquiet policyother worlds 
exist within mirrorss. a.magic shoeshours go byowlrelief is sleephell that is my headdancing in our headhit the heights**beyond the valleyno one here
gets out alivescream of the butterflyhow you make me feelhydrotherapya moth by nightwashed awayafter the clouds lift a georgian prayerif i could only
be your mirrorleavelessi to keyhole of the soulen routenuanceslieu of laudanumblushanother pastime
the sky fades from blue
then to hues of mauves and pinks...
and eventually, indigo black.