April Cerise, In Memoriam
April Cerise, In Memoriam is maintained by her surviving husband Richard Gaddis and son Devon Gaddis. As April had wished, written permission is required to use her images or words.

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February 21, 2019
@ 12:45 PM EST

Three years...

There has not been a day since, from the moment I awake until I return to Hypnos' forgetful embrace, even then I have vowed never to forget, that I have not walked with you hand-in-hand (somehow), living; loving; and laughing in remembrance, until we stop--again and begin to cry, together, realizing, we never got to say "I'm sorry." to each other, or "Goodbye." April, if there is a life beyond the here and now, and I have to believe there is for you, for our son, Devon, for us and our Little Family (Cinni too), all I ask for is the chance to tell you I am so very sorry for everything that happened to all of us, and to say, I never believed in saying goodbyes anyway. I have dreamed countless times of doing this, with you, and each time, at the entrance of a portal of beatific, electric light (like Eldritch in The Sisters of Mercy's "Walk Away," Remember?) we are saying "Hello." to each other again, not goodbye.

Devon and I will have lunch today at The Olive Garden in your honor. We will mourn and we will celebrate your life, your memory, and our cherished memories of you, by doing something (on this fateful day) that you used to love for the three of us to do... Go out for an Italian dinner, Together.

Yours eternal,

R. D. C.

September 22, 2019
@7:00 A.M.EDT

The Jesus and the Mary Chain "Happy When It Rains"

Some things were meant for only us to understand. How deep, so very -- very deep, such things go! <3


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