April Cerise, In Memoriam
it had its heydayapple of **on their owneye of the stormbirds know their way homethe soar in my souldual of personalitiesever watchfuli don't mind the sun sometimes********in passingto whom i speakthought to wish it moreblackbirds have hearts toohawkssing me a songhigh strungon a cold dayflew the coupfrom here you'll watch the world go bythis morningomeneightsolace in solitudelike you before mea time to every purposefar away since summersignal in the skytonight we flyupon closer inspectionmenageriethe morning afterdissipatesevens.o.s.early bird gets the wormpass the horizon..mallardone day flight, or i was in love with the dayfear of flyingmonouse to dreamzénaïdecurrent conditionsafternoon seekerdance of the sparrowinvisible comebefore flying souththe only soundnature's eulogywith a little help
for the birds
have you ever been outdoors and heard the most blithe sounding song from a bird and wondered exactly which branch in what tree it is hidden in? you close your eyes to better locate it, moving in that direction. just before reaching its location, the song abruptly ceases--silence.

the elusive little creature whom sings its little heart out when others are not near. it is hidden; it is obscured; out of sight, but still it is in mind.

i am that bird. only difference:
i haven't wings and cannot fly.
so this is for them.