April Cerise, In Memoriam
secret admirericy nights to
a frozen morningfebruary's sakemaddie in lovea place called winterrepose*mechanical worldeverbloomingswimmingthe dishes are cleanchilled to the bonemake a wishwho i amhigh on a wirefirst one standingpeonies in decemberchoice is yoursso far away from the worldshadowboxchristmas crowdecember 23heart aglowsurpasses all understandinglet them eat cakeanaebb and floweye ammixed stateto healexcorcetpursuit of happinessthief in the nightnot all windows are drapedthis illusion is minelate autumnmelancholia's detrimentuntil the endstore in warm, dry placeode to obygonessister incredulousunder glassi feel something i want to benovember himfreefallbrighter daysentre nousgiftbruised skyscarletcounting the cost of serpent sealike wind through the treesthe tower'til we meet againturning a new leaflupine waysrose red of dreami'll tear the petals off of youlast day of octoberlate october warmthon throughwhen the horizon openedroxy's boudoirthat cold october daywalk in betweencold is to grey6 months prior
to the day
life after death
struggle between
that what calls
and that what is.

the one time i answered,
heart and soul burned.

heart sent a shock;
breathing deceased.

white swan turned to serpent
as onlookers passed by.

here i am again
to look you in the eye.