April Cerise, In Memoriam
washed away
August 2013

copious amount of chemicals
limitless measure of liquid
may my eyes
see a beautiful beginning.

free of anger and fear
i fly high now
above the shell
of diseased and decrepit

faith is alive
as the flower unfolds
in the humid night air;
i picked a rose tonight
in remembrance of you.

rose, pear, and dahlia noir
darkened vanilla and aged gardenia
poppy and so
ethanol and anise
lips of wormwood.

i told you of this night
when winter chilled my fingers
and summer formed sweat
in the valley of my breasts,
this morning when i'd awoken.

black tears frozen
and heart of blue,
i cannot stop the resounding
of my mind;
i can't stop the reverberation
of my soul.

forever damned
or eternally enlightened
i warned you
of my contradictions
and how it balances
one another out.

tonight i will soar
tomorrow morning
will be all the same.

ashes to ashes
dust to dust
light to shadow
sorrow to happiness.

i shall wash away
that which sorely plights;
to infinite heights
of unstoppable flight.

she shall,
she shall shell any longer.

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