April Cerise, In Memoriam
memory bears witness to innocence
September 2013

mon dieu, how i dream of you
your words where so close
and pierced right
through me
the sadness
how it touched me so
speechless, i could
only say your name

distance was suspended
and in slow motion
closer i drew to you.

please bring it
to in end
at your hands
i command.

in dreams, its where
the forbidden is allowed
and all the written rules
tossed out the window

timeless and suspended
i felt you.

closer than ever
and so vivid--
like a hawk at close view,
yet ever so gossamer--
such as a moth illuminated
at night.

shadow lies on a
foreign world
so please breathe
light and life
into this one.

when i fall asleep,
do not wake me.

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