April Cerise, In Memoriam
6 months prior
to the day
October 2013

is god a lamb
or is lucifer a goat?

and what of the in between?
where the water is cold and grey,
tinged with mauve
just like the sky after a storm
as the sun peaks from behind the
clouds as it begins to set.

other than "s," what does
swan and serpent
have synonymous?

there is nothing more evil
than that cloaked in purity.

thought you had it bad
until you turned blue.
the angels screamed
and others wailed.

but the onlookers passed on by
at the in between.

and no breath.
thank man for machines?

sore throat and tube
coma and no.
2 1/2 days later
they said so.

the plunge is deep
only ring of roses
and kiss save.

diaze is to diablo.
dragila resurrects
and here i am again.

to look you in the eye.

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