April Cerise, In Memoriam
the petals have all but washed up
April 2015

i recollect that day so well
headed southward

the sky was distinctly blue
white clouds the shape of castles
sunshine golden june.

gardenia lingered in the air
i could sense your stare
as i wrote on the yellowed pages
reminiscing on the old
sensing promise anew.

it was as i knew
what the future held
what life can be
what death can do.

yet in the moment nothing else existed
not even the darkening
of the western sky
or the castles turning into dungeons
as the low rumble of thunder
and jagged bolts grazed treetops.

only the gold and blue.

torn between the two
of sun and rain
i knew.

i cannot even look
into the mirror anymore.
i know what the inevitable
has in-store.

in remembrance
aroma of gardenia and rose
still lingers
of that june blue.

although the petals
have shattered
gradually one by one.

floating to sink away.

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