April Cerise, In Memoriam
November 2014
the day you were away
the house was all but empty
every shadow came to life
closed the blinds and curtains
and held captive all else.

everything falling sideways
as the clocks stopped
candles melted
ashtrays emptied themselves.

nothing could reach within
anything couldn't exit
it was if every whisper
turned into the shrillest scream.

tilting on its side
as if the earth was ready
to demolish its desolateness
sending it back where it came from.

cups fell out of cupboards
radios switched on for one last time
plants reached for windows,
in attempts to escape.

they'd all been but watered
like a drought as their leaves
drooped and deserted.

it was as if time stopped altogether
the earth then closed up
its taste too bitter for it to stomach.

something had changed its mind
it would remain forever titlted
suspended in its own chaos.

lace curtains yellowed
as spiderwebs formed
its new inhabitants making
their permanent residency.

anyone who trespasses
will be trapped on sight
to relive its cycle
over and over again
despite their fight.

only the birds
outside and above
are truly free
to fly away.

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