April Cerise, In Memoriam
April 2014

the only mistake
was not just one.
too many to count
too late to turn back.

stare into space
sit still as stone.

the angel fell
from the window
when darkness entered.

held on
and stared more
your eyes were as blank as mine
although they hinted
nuances only i could see.

only me.

something broke
and it wasn't
just glass;
i gave what i could
and you accepted.

where the tree fell
it still lies;
and the hole has grown
abysmal deep pitch.

roots jaunting
like bones.

the mirror
has broken many times
although still intact.

yet reflection remains.

said goodbyes
in my mind
and you remained standing.

"last time i'll see you," you said.

she's after me
one more time
will be only final.

saw her amongst
the trees
bones and familiar.

only we know
as hearts hold hands
and contiously
touch from a distance.

we knew
only us.

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