April Cerise, In Memoriam
one way out
July 2013

there may be one way out
but there was other ways back in.

the older i get,
the more i realize i'm like you.

they say it's our childhood memories
that shaped who we are today;
although you weren't present then,
you are now, if southbound now.

maybe it's your
hope and perseverance i gained;
maybe it's my mouth, that's
both a blessing and a curse;
or a love for music,
and its magical properties
to escape
a banal and incredulous reality.

or the pale skin and wiry, curly hair,
and its reddish hue.
the running, but you never hid.
you learned and lived.

most importantly, you're here now
when i need you.

my wish is to return the same.

it's the strength of the tiger
i gained from you.
fighters sometimes lose battles,
but never the essential of a war.

some wars are necessary,
we both fight our own battles.

see, c.?
overcome and be.

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