April Cerise, In Memoriam
run rabbit run
July 2013

and three foxes
in pursuit

who said the meek
cannot survive?

across the road you ran
and the three with
their red heads and grey bodies

one day closer to death
one away from life.

are we born mad
or is it conditioned?

hometown, as jaded as
you are,
you'll always be home.

eyes rolling back in
one's head
and nodding out

run to flee and live
or live ensnared?

the last may be the last
at least no running anymore
to hide
from the predator
whether other or oneself.

some of us join the 27 club
others go on to thirty-four
and some, it depends
on how deep the
hole goes.

this is undoubtably
the strangest life
i've ever known.

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