April Cerise, In Memoriam
at the sun
June 2013

when the world seems backwards
there is always you
where the sun hides
there is the moon
and its light
that shines much brighter

is it not true
that opposites enhance?
or attract?

patterns and their various forms.
who reads between the lines
or a conscience to comprehend
in such a mundane existence

the meaningless tasks and motions
when the basic that is overlooked
has much more depth,
a concept that all is connected.

take the time to disconnect
and step outside all that
is taught, as knowledge
eventually becomes obsolete;
wisdom, where are you?

oh, how i could theorize and philosophize
when hours become minutes
and minutes turn into seconds.

to gain a sense of sensing
that most dismiss as meaningless.

i would like to believe in nothing
but my eyes and ears suggest elsewise.

ever close your eyes and see more so
than if they were open?
especially in the dark.

the sound of nocturnal creatures.
children of the night,
what music they make.

fear makes for ignorance,
and my tolerance is low these days.

beings of the day--
some of you--please stay.
do not leave me in a world
darkened, without a trace of light.

and when i leave this world,
please allow the memory
of those who were
the light of my life remain.

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