April Cerise, In Memoriam
eyes downward
April 2013

dear cinderella:

was your life a fairytale?
or that of a grimace?
were you adorned in flowers,
of perhaps they adorned your place
of residence in such.

did it ring in elatedness or sorrow?

august 20-to august 4th.

is this why i loathe 4?
half of four is two.
and four doubled is 8.

the eight month.

34 when you passed,
16 days shy of your 35th birthday.
eight, again.
and seven.

infinity, in play.
why has this haunted me since my 18th year
upon your discovery?

past lives.
is only a theory…
or they say…

fairytale--too good to be true.
truth be told,
i've yet to know.

forget the names.
we're only faces in the fire.


better to burn than to fade.

i've 8 lives,
and one pending.

pending and perchance.
perchance, perchance.
only time to tell.
to all whom the bell tolls.

and the white fly-by
in reflection
of the mirror.

illusion or no?
only i think, i know.
i know?


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