April Cerise, In Memoriam
close the door
March 2013

i shed my disguise
when there's nobody looking.
the whites of your eyes
are all mine alone.
and i'm written in stone.
i'm the dust on your carpet.
a guest in your home because
that's where the heart is.

try and fly on the wind,
though you'll find i'm the fastest.
i'm always let in, but i dine alone.

rest assured i'll survive
though i'll thrive on your danger.
i'll arrive as your friend
but i'll leave as the stranger.

i'm open for bribes,
in the end i will wager
you've nothing to buy
but some time alone.

the rules of the game
are all mine for the making.
you'll cheat all the same
but you're mine for the taking.

~stitching time

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