April Cerise, In Memoriam
November 2012

in the afternoon, i waited for you
reflection cast, and how time flies
seven says i can
seven and synonymous.

forth and forthcoming
four is half of eight
and eight is you.

seven plus one
the only thing i can see in the sun.

your eyes
seen in shadow once
closer, locked and stare
an image ever engrained
in my eyes, head.

i know you
in shadow.
cuts like glass
the dark in reflection of light
and the light dimly lit in darkness.

summon and so forth.
white rose, adorn your heart, head
things i know and see
peril of ecstasy, let it be.

what do they know of heaven
and hell
those who know nothing of life.
i see, it shall be.

my heart lies in winter--
where you'll find me--
past the soft sunbeams
on the other side
of shadow, reflection cast.
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