April Cerise, In Memoriam
golden december afternoon
December 2009
i remember
the last christmas
that seemed magical.
the warm, sunny day
and how you played with the puppies.

most magical of all
was your sunshine nap
and the way
the little stray cuddled with you.

most humble of children,
you rarely asked for anything
except to be with family.
in a world polluted with want
and greed.

gifts are not wrapped
reindeer don't fly
although there was
never snow, there was love.
innocence and smiles sincere.

it is the memories--
the good ones--
kept in mind that
pull us through.
and you, golden boy.

golden locks and golden dreams
in the golden december afternoon.
and the little red dot you
painted on your nose,
to pretend rudolph.

i'll never forget
what magic once was
or what it could be.

the only true light.

~november 13, 2012
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