April Cerise, In Memoriam
i wish i could hide
hello, my name is nameless.
i tell you the way i
think things should be,
not necessarily how they are.
not that i lie, i just tell how
the truth ought to be.

life, you say?
hmm, let me ponder.
it's just not that way, you see.

after all, a woman's charm
is fifty percent illusion.
how long to turn the trick for the trade.
the fake smiles and have good days.
i wish i could do and say with sincerity,
but then, i would be true.

why cannot you just allow
me my sanctuary?
i give the world just to see you smile;
and the twinkle in your eyes.
your confectious shyness is my weakness.

please, please, no questions--not the type that breaks the mold.
of the safe haven
i've so diligently created.
where exchanging glances
shape an elysium of sorts.
my life is private.
you are a secret.

what's the difference, you ask?
i could retort with
eight thousand words,
in eight hundred sonnets.
but not today.

maybe i'd tell you how
you remind of the ideal
my reserved, hidden heart falls for.
which you are least like.

please don't take that away from me.
you are the lone bluebird in my world
filled with little black ones.
the ones that fly in flocks, together.
my element of surprise--the kind welcomed and warmed.

a whisper that reverberates
long after it has ceased.
playing over and over, again and again.
in my throbbing head.
a smile to my face and a bit of rush and tingle.

please lay inhibitions to rest.
i'm tired and weary.
and i need recharging.
soft and chilly wind
on a muggy, desolate day.
let me swim in your eyes and stay.

if i must hide, let it be there.
don't take away what little
shred of shelter i have.
this whisper is fair.
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