April Cerise, In Memoriam
where i belong
it's not a particular place, although there are a rare few that come to mind.
not a certain time, even though some resonate more than others.
it's a moment that remains suspended, forever engrained in my memory, my soul.

how many times have I chased after to re-experience
that same feeling times over and over again.
the highs; the lows; the in between.
but it's never the same as the first.

with each disappointment in hopes to revisit it in actuality,
i rediscover it again in a single scent or sound;
and even more so, in my recollections.

this is where I abide, this is where you can find me.
this is where I can find myself.
and for a fleeting second, feel myself again.

where laughter rings and the sun shines.
when welcoming arms extend to receive me and i am no longer the stranger.
where I can close my eyes and dream.
with a smile on my face.
at the edge of the world, in my own space.
no time, only moment.

i'm going home.
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